How to practice hitting better chip shots with two clubs

On a good chip shot, the hands lead the clubhead through impact.  However, many golfers try to add loft by letting the clubhead lead the hands through impact causing the arms and wrists to collapse at the finish.  Here is a drill to practice making the correct motion:

  1.   When going to practice, take the club that you are practicing with and one extra iron.  
  2.   With your second iron, turn it around and place the narrowest part of the shaft (nearest to the clubhead) behind the grip on your current practice club.
  3.   For right-handed golfers, place the elongated shaft under your left arm.
  4.   Swing at the chip shot with a putt-like motion.  Your wrists should be firm, lower body steady and the swing length short and controlled.   The second club is in place to give you instant feedback if you are executing incorrectly.


It may feel uncomfortable at first, but once you take the second club away, be happy with your new chipping technique.


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