Group Programs...Tailored To YOU

Committed to providing the best instruction possible to people of all ability level within a friendly, encouraging and (sometimes) competitive environment. I aim to educate student's to maximize their potential both on and off the golf course. I'm passionate about growing the game of golf. I teach people, not golf.

Get Golf Ready 1

A 4 session program intended to get golfers with little or no experience introduced to the game of golf. Designed to teach you the golf skills you'll need to use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you will be briefly introduced to the golf course. If you feel you are already familiar with the basics of a golf course and know some of the fundamentals (grip, stance, posture) then the Get Golf Ready 2 program would be a better fit for you. Absolute beginners encouraged to join.
What You Need to Bring:
Come in a polo shirt, shorts and some golf shoes or sneakers. Golf clubs will be provided, if needed.
The class is limited to the first 6 to sign-up.

Get Golf Ready 2- Intermediate Beginner

Get Golf Ready 2 is the next class in the Get Golf Series. To be started after the completion of Get Golf Ready 1. This program will remind the participants of all the fundamentals that were covered in the first series. It is designed to teach you everything you'll need to play golf in just a few lessons. In addition to learning the basics, each week you will be guided onto the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting.
What You Need to Bring:
Just yourself, a desire to have fun and perhaps a few friends to enjoy the great outdoors. Golf clubs, balls and other equipment will be provided for your use. Please come in a polo shirt, comfortable shorts or pants, and closed-toe shoes.

5 and Wine

Is a happy hour, social golf event after work during the week. Play 5 holes at the Biltmore, then head to the 19th hole for a drink while talking about your golf game with new friends. Happy hour prices will be extended for the event participants, so plan to stay for as long as you'd like. This event is friendly and NOT competitive. Designed to connect you with other golfers.
Are you someone who has the "golf bug," but don't really have anyone to play with? THIS is for you! Have you only been practicing on the range trying to perfect your golf skills? THIS is for you. Are you a beginner, but your spouse has some experience? THIS is for both of you. It's "OK" rules will be in effect. (ex. use of a hand wedge out of a bunker, teeing up in the fairway.) Play golf to make it fun for you! An optional set of tees will be placed in the middle of the fairway to make the length of the course easier for you. Just be sure to keep pace of play in mind. It should take 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish the 5 holes.
Your golf cart, your greens fee, and your first beverage are included in the cost. Expect one hole to play with the professional. Tips will be given on etiquette, course management, and rules.

Short Game to the Rescue

An intensive 2 hour program designed to work on the scoring zone: 50 yards and in. How well you score is directly related to how few shots you take from this yardage. Studies show that (on average) 60% of shots are spent from 50 yards and in. Come learn pitch shots, chip shots with plenty of roll , flop shots over bunkers, high shots from deep rough, uneven lies near the green, and distance control strategies. Learn to make short game fun to practice.

Supervised Purposeful Practice

Rather than spend hours on the range beating golf balls, join a supervised practice session. Set measurable objectives during the session and achieve them. Create a purpose for your practice session.

Create your Own Tailored Golf Clinic

Thinking of joining a group class, but would prefer to be with your close friends or family members…
Create your own clinic.
Have you had private instruction and/or other group programs and would like to tailor a group to your needs…
Create your own clinic. Are you looking for a more affordable option?
Create your own clinic.
You coordinate the people, day(s) and times and we will create the program together. Minimum- 4 persons
Maximum- 6 persons

Ladies Practice and Play Day

This class begins with 30 minutes of supervised practice and will be followed with 9 holes on the golf course. Please be on time as we will start promptly with our supervised practice so that we can be on the first tee at our scheduled tee time.
Golf course instruction will consist of unannounced shots, course management and strategy. Keeping your game statistics will be encouraged. Be prepared for friendly competition.
Time: 3 hours (30 minutes of practice and 2.5 hours on the course)
Ability Level: Should be those golfers already comfortable on a golf course.

Play with the Professional

An opportunity to play 9 holes at the Biltmore Golf Course with a teaching professional as your guide. Greens fees, cart and instruction included. Learn course management, strategy, and how to take your range game to the course.
2 people- $125 each
3 people- $100 each