Junior golf lessons are offered to those students under the age of 18. Creating values on and off the golf course.

- Golf Mechanics - Physical Fitness - Course Management - The Mental Game - Tournament Readiness


One-on-one instruction for boys or girls of all ability levels. An individual lesson is an opportunity to book when your time allows. It also gives you an opportunity to work on your golfing goals. Lessons will incorporate warm-ups, swing mechanics, course management, goal setting, the body/swing connection, rules and etiquette, mental training and creating more efficient practice. Swing analysis will be assessed using video.

1 hour- $80

45 minutes- 11 years and under-


Semi-private lessons are limited to 4 junior students. Each session will be tailored to the groups overall ability level. Duration is generally 1 hour, but can be arranged to be longer. Call a friend and sign up today!

2 junior golfers (1 hour)- $50 per child
3-4 junior golfers (1 hour)- $40 per child

If you are looking for a guaranteed time on the lesson calendar, there is a minimum 4 week pre-payment requirement.


Please call Renee directly at 530-448-9889, if you are interested in arranging her to join your junior for:
- Tournament Practice Round
- Tournament Caddying

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