Whether you are a beginner player or a low handicapper, you know what it is like. You are standing over a golf shot and thousands of thoughts fill your mind draining you of the confidence you need to hit a good golf shot. And who is watching? Your friends or family? A client? Your boss? There has never been a better time to focus on your golf game. Get the golf coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Private lessons take place at our all grass golf academy at the Biltmore Hotel.

Instruction will begin with a personalized evaluation of your overall needs and goals. We will continue by creating a plan to achieve those goals. A series of lessons will begin with technique work. Classes will generally shift to understanding the cause/effect of ball flight. Lastly, expect to perform your golf skills on the golf course.


One-on-one instruction for men or women of all ability levels. An individual lesson is an opportunity to book when your time allows. It also gives you an opportunity to work on your individual golfing goals. Lessons will incorporate swing mechanics, course management, goal setting, the body/swing connection, rules and etiquette, mental training and creating more efficient practice. Swing analysis will be assessed using the latest technology: video, portable launch data and ball flight analysis. Our new rental clubs will be provided for those people that require equipment.

1 hour- $125
30 minutes- $70
Series of 3 (1 hour lessons)- $360
Series of 5 (1 hour lessons)- $550
Series of 10 (1 hour lessons)- $1000


1 hour-
$75 per person

9 Hole Playing Lesson (2.5 Hours)-
$250 per person
18 Hole Playing Lesson (4 Hours)-
$400 per person


1 hour-
$60 per person

9 Hole Playing Lesson (2.5 Hours)-
$200 per person

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