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Our Philosophy

Playing great golf means something to each individual student. For some, being respectable on the course during opportune times through business is the end goal. For others, it is shooting a score that continues to boost them to the next level towards professional golf. Lastly, it might be to enjoy the game with friends and family.

Through an initial assessment, we will make a plan that fits your goals and realistic time constraints. Golf lessons are about what you want with your golf game and how I can help you achieve it. We will work as a team to get results.

Shot Tracking

Shot tracking is an age old way of quantifying improvement through accurate tracking and analyzing of results. If you are really serious about improving your golf game, shot tracking is a must.

It is very common to hear golfers complain about their putting performances around total putts, but if you ask them how many putts they made in their round between 5 and 10 feet they probably wouldn't know.

Stop Guessing and Start Tracking

Mental Preparation

On-line Mental Golf Workshop Profile
The Mental Golf Profile has been designed by Bobby Foster, a Certified Behavioral Analyst and a former Teaching Professional and Golf Coach at the University of South Carolina. Powered by the highly effective DISC Profile System, the online Mental Golf Workshop Profile provides a personalized report that creates an accurate picture of your golf personality and customized strategies for these areas of your game:
Golf Temperament
Pre-Round Preparation
Playing Shots Course Management
Working With Instructors
Golf Fitness Tendencies

The Mental Golf Workshop™ profile process:
1 - Log in, sign up and pay by Credit Card online.

2 - Spend about 10 minutes answering the multiple-choice questionnaire.

3 - Your answers go through a proprietary scoring system to produce a 20-plus page report both you and I will receive a copy.

4 - Review the detailed descriptions of your mental golf tendencies and customized strategies for these areas of your game:
• Golf Temperament
• Pre-Round Preparation
• Mental Tendencies When Playing Shots
• Course Management
• Working With Your Instructor
• Mental Tendencies Toward Golf Fitness

5 - Your report is produced in a “workshop” format, with space provided to make notes as you work through your report. This format makes it easy to self-coach or review the report with Renee and map out an improvement plan that works best for you.